Write Away…

A few years back my mother told me to write…Even though I heard what she said and agreed, promising that I would….I never picked up the pen with an unrelenting intention to let my words break free from my mental chamber for others to read. But lately I find those words of my mother replaying in my spirit as if a direction being given…
 Taryn, write…make sure you write everything!
I never exactly knew why my mom found it so pressing against her heart to utter those words to me. Maybe it was God delivering a message to me through a familiar face. Now, more than fours years later, I feel compelled to write…But not only that…I feel the strongest urge to share my words with the world or all that will acknowledge. I was once told that I have the ability to heal with my words. And now I am believing in that. I think now I have a story to tell that may help to heal, encourage, and enlighten others as well as myself.
Love, King

3 thoughts on “Write Away…

  1. Just like you mom I will always remind you to write as well. We should be “writing buddies” or “Friends That Write”. Hmmm cool concept #FTW the reverse of WTF wow, by commenting on your post I just a cool thing I can use. Either way, I like your way of writing and inspiration and we should join forces on a piece or two and get your voice and message out there


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