Blank Canvas

A year ago I crossed paths with a wonderful stranger, and to this day, I carry within my soul the exchanged energy and the inspiration bestowed. It was one of those moments of elevated existence that forces our egos to bow down and acknowledge spirit. Being available to this kind of awareness is a blessing and a skill we should all practice because it is through this awareness that we touch the divine. And that day in early March it was certainly a divine encounter.

Travel Trails

I was catching a train to south Florida and it felt very much like my life was following the sequence of a movie. You know the one where it opens with a young adult beginning a journey, and we watch as they stare out of a window while a countryside rolls past, lost in reverie. Well, that was me. I had been waiting at a train station for about an hour, watching unknown faces roll past and gather in the lobby awaiting the next departure.

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Message of love…

I send love to those grieving the lost of cherished ones. I send love to the people standing under the mighty foot of nature…be it the ways of human nature or natural Earth disasters. I send love to those individuals who suffer from prejudices and disdain for diversity because this is a disease that hinders the growth and connections of a universal soul. I send love to a world that is bludgeoned by negativity, selfishness, greed, and the less compassionate. A world that is dying from physical and spiritual abuse and crying out for positive change. I send love because it is the strongest weapon, with the power to nurture, transcend, and transform even the darkest and lowest of hearts. I believe that if we allow ourselves to love freely, blind to race, culture, creed, and all the man-constructed walls of separation….if we realize that we are all the same and part of one creation….that we truly are one…sharing the same energy and potential for greatness….then the world would truly become a better place for everyone to exist. 


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Love Transforms…



Love possesses an incredible energy that is transforming. The truest and most pure love has no boundaries or limitations. It can go to a depth that no other thing can. The practice of love is a selfless journey to the center of the largest world that exist, which is the soul. And from within the soul, love transforms emerging like a beautiful lotus flower from mud. 


Life begins with the breath


Change is a concept that we all accept as inevitable in this life. But even though we accept it as a known fact, change is what is most resisted by us all. We become attached to material things and external circumstances. We become attached to control. The fear of losing is what causes us to clench tight to what ever the thing is that life is removing. And more often than not the removal of that thing is required for our growth and transformation. We fear losing control. So we hold our breath, tense our bodies and let our mind run wild in frenzy. We give our control to change and circumstance, not realizing that our control has always been and will always be within us, not in the attachments or situations that we refuse to give up.

Life begins with the breath…..

In our breath we can find strength and peace. I remind myself of this when changes in life rock me and I start to feel my knees buckle beneath the weight of emotions and frustrations. As long as there is breath, there is life in this being. When we stop breathing, we die. The most important thing is to remember to keep breathing. And when life begins to transform, as it always does and will…breathe. When that loved one fades away or a beloved acquaintance dissipates, breathe. When faced with a new opportunity and journey into the unknown, when faced with fear….breathe. Situations and circumstances are all passing experiences. They are temporal, therefore, nothing can last forever especially not pain or sorrow. We are dynamic conductors of a universal energy that manifests itself as life experiences, which can enlighten our beings when we yield to it. Just remember to breathe..

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