Message of love…

I send love to those grieving the lost of cherished ones. I send love to the people standing under the mighty foot of nature…be it the ways of human nature or natural Earth disasters. I send love to those individuals who suffer from prejudices and disdain for diversity because this is a disease that hinders the growth and connections of a universal soul. I send love to a world that is bludgeoned by negativity, selfishness, greed, and the less compassionate. A world that is dying from physical and spiritual abuse and crying out for positive change. I send love because it is the strongest weapon, with the power to nurture, transcend, and transform even the darkest and lowest of hearts. I believe that if we allow ourselves to love freely, blind to race, culture, creed, and all the man-constructed walls of separation….if we realize that we are all the same and part of one creation….that we truly are one…sharing the same energy and potential for greatness….then the world would truly become a better place for everyone to exist. 



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