Nature Feels…


I am coming to love quiet moments….when thoughts in my mind are easy, my breaths are steady and I am completely at ease. Quiet moments are necessary. And it never fails, that when I venture into nature I can find this spiritually therapeutic place. When I smell the grass, feel the caress of the wind against my cheeks, and become aware of the textures of earth beneath my feet, I find a peace. My spirit embraces the warmth of the sun and I can feel myself rising to a higher place. Nature feels divine. It is like going home in a sense and reconnecting with the Mother and replenishing my life force.

Yielding to a higher being and acknowledging the soul of the world, puts life into a different perspective. It is easy to lose focus. Sometimes to see the forest you have to enter it and feel its power. It acts as a reminder of how immense this world is and we are but a smaller part of it. It definitely makes all the other worries we carry seem like a grain of sand next to the huge ocean that is the life of the universe.

Love, King


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