A Disciplined Pursuit

As each new year begins, resolutions are made. We speak of giving up and quitting certain vices and picking up new more favorable behaviors. We resolve to eat healthier and excercise. We set plans for goals that we hope to accomplish. And perhaps for the first five days of the year our determination stands against the small voice that tells us to forget and step off of the path to improvement. Now, after a week into the new year of 2015, I wonder how many of us have dropped the ball or haven’t even picked the ball up to start. I must admit there have been several new year resolutions in my history that disappeared from focus like a rabbit in a magic show. Fortunately, it is never too late to make a change.

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a short  bible study and one of the notes that stood out to me is this:

Self-discipline is essential to the success of my life.    -Titus 1:7-8

A very impactful and simple perspective that I am learning is that to succeed at accomplishing any goal and reach improvement, we cannot not simply pursue in thought or give a half-hearted attempt but we must approach with a disciplined pursuit. DisciplineThis means dedicating yourself to pursuing passions and goals while being obedient enough to discipline yourself. The discipline comes in focusing your energy into the intentional pursuit of goals and not wavering. It is not enough to just speak goals and write the visions out, although that is a good start. Sustained action has to follow. Time must be invested. For the longest, I’ve professed a passion for writing and often I have said that if given the chance, I wouldn’t mind writing as my everyday work. And perhaps I could have already accomplished that by now, but my discipline to write everyday and better my craft was missing. So this year, I am approaching each of my goals with a disciplined pursuit. I encourage anyone reading this to join me, regardless of what your goals maybe. Whether you hope to be better singer, a stronger athlete, a better spouse, to be healthier….whatever it may be. Success will come when we lean into self-discipline and challenge ourselves to obedience. Do not just have wishes and make goals…follow with a disciplined pursuit.

Love, King


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