Love is an Art

I wonder what love would be and do in the world if each of us practiced it as an art. If more souls purposely sought to mature in our offerings of love, what great transformation would occur? I place emphasis on giving, because love is better as an action that we take, rather than something that we just let come to us however it may, while offering nothing of ourselves.


Love tends to be one of those things that we all seek and desire, yet when exposed to love, we are often hurt and broken by it. Perhaps all of this is because we don’t devout enough time to study and develop a mature sense of this incredible emotion. We misuse it. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by love and all that it can evoke and become.

So over the course of this year, I’ve decided to study love and learn as much about it in order to practice love in a way that feels more correct to the ideals the word holds. You may ask, how can we know what is the correct fashion to love?

I believe the best way to gain understanding is to go directly to the source of love…Lean into God and use his love for each of us as the perfect example. Unconditional love is what we should strive for. Begin with the source: find the incredible strength and comfort there and make love our greatest aim.

Love, King


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