On A Mission…

Support @ http://www.fundly.com/tarynmissiontrip

Resonating from the center of my heart and the seat of my soul is the desire to travel into the world, on a journey to share God’s love with empty and broken hearts.  I believe wholeheartedly that love is transforming and God’s love is perfecting.

I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to be a part of a missions trip to Honduras this April! I am excited to share as this will be my very first experience serving outside of the country and I am eager to offer myself as a vessel to share the light of God’s love with the hearts of those in need. The primary goal of this trip will be reach the lost and restore hope where there is hopelessness through talents and testimonies.

The trip is April 9-21 and I will be serving alongside Christafari. While in Honduras, I will work as support staff during mission concerts, take part in feeding programs, work with at-risk youth and other compassionate ministries.

I am happy to share this journey with you. I welcome any gift that you feel led to bestow, whether financial gifts or gifts of prayer. All is needed to reinforce this journey. I am ever grateful for your support and prayers!

Support @ http://www.fundly.com/tarynmissiontrip

Love, King


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