When it rains…

When it rains…

…An urge to get outside and stand at the edge where the falling raindrops land, always rises within myself. I am compelled to watch as a storm makes manifest the presence and wonder of God and His creation. Perhaps that is a stamp that has been placed on my life since childhood, when I was sure to find my Nana standing out on the porch at some point during a storm and even hurricanes. And growing up in the panhandle of Florida, there were plenty of hurricanes. I’d like to think that she was watching God in those moments. It was like a ritual that she never failed to complete. And each chance I got, I was right there next to her, gazing out into a gloomy sky. As the world around us tumbled and rolled about in response to the fierce storms before my eyes, I was not shaken. As a child, all the comfort needed was standing tall next to me in all that my grandmother represented. Back then, she was a perfect peace in the midst of storms. Having grown older I see that now and forever more, that is what God is. The perfect peace throughout all storms.

I captured a moment today during a freshly erupting thunderstorm. I suppose I stood, pulling myself as tall as I could to match the stance of reverence that my Nana would have taken. And I watched quietly, as countless raindrops splashed against the ground, like a see of sputtering hot grease on a stove. I had to smile to myself. In that moment, it was as if my Nana was standing there right next to me and I was taken back. At that point, the past and present met me at the center of my being, allowing a very bright hope for the future to shine through. It was divine. And that is what beholding God does. As I stood outside to take it all in to myself and feel the cool mists of rainĀ caress my cheeks…I suddenly began to see it as something sacred to my existence now. It reminds of my grandmother, one of the greatest figures on Earth that I first came to know. It reminds me of all that she was and still is in the spirit that she left behind. Wrapped in a package of memories and visual images, this was a beautiful gift from my past to my present. And a gift that I will carry into my future. At the moments when needed most, I will be grateful to God for bestowing it to remind of His presence that is always surrounding. I will continue to be grateful for His presence in my Nana, nature, and even during the storms.

“God is with us in the minutest details of our lives. Whatever we’re facing, God has a way of surprising us with his presence and reminding us that nothing escapes his notice.”


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